Saturday, September 20, 2008

Avenged Sevenfold 24 October 2008 8PM at Max Pavilion Singapore!

DATE: 24 Oct 2008 Fri, 8:00PM
DURATION: Approx 2 Hrs
VENUE: MAX Pavilion@Singapore Expo
TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee): Standard S$95 S$110 - Door Sales

Avenged Sevenfold coming back to Singapore this 24 Oct 2008.

Looking forward...looking forward...wishlist...wishlist...yeahh!!


Anonymous said...

pergi yang kat jakarta lah..... please

Ikmal said...

hmm i have to leave a7x behind just for u azara nur

till next time

A7X said...

gile loser takat letak dlm wish list dh beli tix n booked hotel la fan betul

p/s : si miskin!!!

Ikmal said...

aku bukan fan a7x pun haha