Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hello, welcome to out CD. Can you hear the blatant similarity? To Linoleum and Shadows of Defeat.

Ahh...writing, that is what I'm sux at most. I'm no good in Bahasa, English or whichever language as I do not speak and write literary. I admit that I am best at listening than talking or writing as I do have big ears. This is where my talent lies, is to listen as I have big pair of ears.

To talk while listening may need greater height of IQ, how fast your brain can process in milliseconds. If our brain able to process fast enough information or able to absorb information to do other simple task like talking, then there will be no listener left to listen. So we do need idiots to listen while the intelligent talks but do all listeners are idiots? Nope, I'm wrong.

For me, the person who listen and learn may have the possession to surpass one mankind. He or she may have the ability to absorb and to deliver in the right way, on the right time and to the right person. One of the best way to deliver this in your daily life is call anger.

Anger is an emotion where you make a conscious choice to immediately stop the behaviour of another outside force. Anger may increase your heart rate, blood pressure and levels of adrenaline. Anger is viewed as an immature or uncivilized response to frustration, threat, violation and loss. Anger also can lead us to act violently, verbally and physically abuse and hurt others.

There are two types of anger; passive and aggressive.

Passive anger are more likely express secretly by talking behind people's back, anonymous complaints and avoiding conflict. Passive anger may lead to self-blaming, obsessive behaviour and even self-suicide.

Aggressive anger is more on physical and verbal approach. Threatening, bullying, vengeance, destroying are examples of aggressive anger.

I know that you may have your own self anger management method. Feel free to share what's in your mind or how you manage your anger so that it can deliver in a right way, on the right time and to the right person.

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ZARA said...

Sayang. u r my anger management... hehehe