Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The latest challenge - SMILE

Do you smile? Do you always smile? Do you smile in the morning? afternoon? evening?


Smile is actually a big challenge for customer-facing companies today but smile always provide a little "value added" service. This little effort will always help your business to grow by receiving good feedback and good impresion from your customers.

There are a lot of ways companies trying to make sure that their staff always smile when facing customer. Some using cameras and rate how their staff smile before talking or approaching customer.

Service is actually start with the management. If the manager treat their staff the way they want their staff to treat customers, then they will get good service results. A happy staff makes a happy customer. If the morale staff is low or bad the more likely they will receive unhappy feedback from customers.

Smile is a learned and observable behaviour. When we learn how to train employees in observable behaviours that we want to see exhibited to our customers, we can raise the bar on our customer service standard. Telling them isn't good enough - we need to demonstrate, model and measure the behaviour that we expect.

So you know why I do always smile....

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ZARA said...

u smile because u love me. huahaha