Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I make the best of the best I can

As usual, tomorrow is my customer satisfaction index review. Mostly we talk the 'walk' and derive any fails item, based from the feedback by customers.

Again, I can't see clearly whats going on with the team. Why do we keep on failing for the past 7 months?

I used my precious time, go out, to understand more what's going on before to be understood. There are some little things that they (engineers) need to improve, but still I can't see any big flaws during the service. Trace by the case that I attended with engineers, all with good feedbacks.

So I think that they are giving their best, cover up mistakes, commit, so that they will show how good they are with customers. Yet, we are still fail to meet our target. Customers keep on saying 'fast', 'good', 'ok lah', but not outstanding or excellent.

Today, I try to change my perspective. The paradigm shift.

I will try to go deep, focus more on what customer commented rather than looking on what those guys have been doing, mistakes and flaws.

I should come out with something stay tune.

I will walk the 'talk' instead.

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