Thursday, June 10, 2010

Same goes

Tomorrow is the monthly review with the team, where we sit down and most of the time I'll do the talking. It is really hard to hear the team voices, as I can see that not everyone really into this business. They come to work for the sake of work, check the bank account early of the month, pay bills and do your daily task.

So it's like running the operation alone, whereby plans carry out but not efficient. How effiecient we're talking about? RESULTS and moving towords the next level. Creative synergy and teamwork produce great effects. Now, how do I include them in the circle?

It is hard to manage and maintain your human resource account, the deposits and the withdrawals through emotional account. The one most important thing for a leader to look out is the human accounts.

Well, I am very dissapointed with how 'these people' handle their staffs. Money doesn't produce results. It is the people.

I should continue with preparing slides for tomorrow. The pause maybe too long haha.

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Anonymous said...

hurm... well... i think... u hv to include the higher management lah kan sayang...

because... well... they are the big boss kan...

i dont know